Reputation Management

Reputation management or online reputation management is the strategy to promote product or company. It is essential to shape the good perception of public towards the organization on internet. This is best combination of advertisement and trust, as social media involves directly in it.

There are so many aspects which can affect the reputation of product or company on internet, may be negatively or positively. So, focus should be given on the positive side of reputation like, the content in the website must be true, feedback section should be mentioned, if any customer face problem or issue, it can get resolved easily and rapidly.

The negative part of company should be removed for the better growth of it. The complaints should be dropped down during search result

One should keep in mind the entire information given below, to enhance the reputation of website or company:

  • Search engine optimization of website must be of best quality.
  • Social media reviews, profiles etc. about the website should be cited first to push the negative views down.
  • Brand promotion on highly ranked websites which Google make direct access to your website.
  • Denying superfluous emails to enter and damage the website by using spam bots.
  • Legal Astroturfing can be done on third party website to highlight the number of positive views and counteract negative ones.
  • Offering discounts or schemes to the routinely users.
  • Removing material or photographs which can embarrasses someone.
  • Reference should be given while using third party's website for promotion, in case to adjust copyright.
  • Star ranking should be high as it presents the entire company in only symbols.
  • Fake comment should be avoided to uphold trust of users.

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Key Point of Reputation Management
  • To monitor your publicity: These are such type which helps to deal with issues as soon as possible.
  • Select a key spokesperson: Whether it’s your Managing Director or Communications Manager, having a single spokesperson allows you to channel the information you give out so you can manage your response and control you're messaging.
  • Keep visitors update: There’s a positive feeling associated with being in the know, and in a crisis you need to cultivate positive feelings.
  • Don’t be afraid to respond: If you don’t know an answer, ask for time to check the facts, and then get back to them. As long as you revert in reasonable time everyone wins.

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